Helsinki Shipyard Oy and Vodohod Ltd sign a contract for 2 Luxury Cruise Expedition Vessels


Helsinki Shipyard Oy and Russia’s largest river cruise company Vodohod Ltd have today signed a contract for two Luxury Cruise Expedition Vessels. The vessels are intented to operate in high latitude areas both in the Arctic and Antarctic waters as well as in the tropical waters during the Spring and Autumn seasons.

The design work for the project has already started at Helsinki Shipyard Oy. The first vessel is planned to be delivered in August 2021 and the second vessel in January 2022.

The vessels measure abt. 110 metres in length and 20 meters in breadth. The vessels will have an ice class PC6. The passenger capacity will be 148 persons and the maximum number of crew onboard will be 110 persons.

“We are very proud and happy for the first order of the new shipyard and I believe this now proves to everyone that we have started a new chapter in the operation of Helsinki Shipyard. We will strengthen especially our design department in the near future and in connection with the start of production, also our production department. We invite everyone interested to contact our human resources department.” Says Carl-Gustaf Rotkirch, CEO of Helsinki Shipyard Oy.

Vodohod is a Russian cruise company and river cruise line operator, founded in 2004 by the Volga Shipping Company and named after Ivan Kulibin’s “water-going vessel” or “water-goer”. The company has its headquarters in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, Russia. The company operates more than 50 passenger ships along rivers of Volga, Don, Kama, the Moscow and Volga-Don canals, the Volga-Baltic Waterway, Northern-Western rivers, lakes Ladoga and Onega.

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