Design and advisory services

Helsinki Shipyard develops and builds the most advanced vessels and solutions to match the customers’ business needs. The shipyard can offer comprehensive design, procurement, installation, and supervision services. For optimum operation, we provide various design and procurement support packages:

  • Concept development
    • Concept development services for new vessel design
  • ´Design and engineering
    • Basic design/class approval packages
    • Detail design packages
  • EP – Package
    • Engineering package with Procurement of main equipment to be delivered to the building yard.
  • Design Licenses for Build Vessels
    • Various icebreaker and Passenger vessel licenses
    • Proven build designs with full scale test results
    • Can be utilized as a platform for further development or used with the existing solutions-de-risking the project
  • Construction support
    • Expert services for construction phase and planning of activities


Ville Korpela, SVP Design
+358 40 777 9920