Helsinki Shipyard is situated in Hietalahti, Helsinki. Our speciality is demanding marine technology and shipbuilding.

Sustainable shipbuilding is one of our basic values and it can be well observed in our day-to-day operation – in all we do.

Together with our stakeholders we develop our products and operational environment in a sustainable and long-term way. Our technical solutions have an important role in decreasing the impact of the vessels on environment during their whole lifecycle.

Actions and targets

We develop our operational environment while taking into account major safety and environmental matters related to our location in the capital of Finland.

To our customers we highlight the importance of innovative and sustainable technologies and their impact on the whole lifecycle of the vessel and on our environment.

Our competent and dedicated personnel is in a key position when designing and producing sustainable solutions for our customers, that’s why we want our personnel to have a possibility to work and return home safely.


Helsinki Shipyard is a member company of the Association of the Finnish Marine Industries. With our ResponSea commitment we joined The Finnish member companies Commitment for Sustainable Development (Commitment 2050). We follow the common goals and objectives of the Finnish marine industry and want to share them with other companies in the marine industry.

We develop and maintain the ability to provide our customers products that comply with and exceed the current global environmental regulations.

The company focuses in its product development on solutions and technologies that have better lifecycle effects and are environmentally sustainable. The solutions used on the vessels have impact on reducing the emissions of marine transportation.

Our product development is targeted more on solutions and technologies that affect less on environment and have better energy efficiency.

We are committed to act equally and responsibly in developing our personnel and ensuring the availability of experts. The shipyard ensures equality in recruitment, thesis work, education and career progress.

Responsibility of our delivery chain in health, safety and environmental matters is important for us and we monitor it continuously.

We are committed to continuously improve energy efficiency by reducing the use of heat energy and electricity. The company is part of the energy efficiency agreement for 2017-2025 by the Technology Industries of Finland.

In addition, Helsinki Shipyard is committed to developing the shipyard in Helsinki together with stakeholders and the city authorities, while taking into account major safety and environmental matters. We maintain an environmental permit for our operation.

Health, Safety and Environment – HSE

At Helsinki Shipyard we ensure health, safety, and environmental aspects in all our actions . We set HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) related targets:

  • no accidents
  • no occupational or work-related illnesses
  • no start of fires or fires
  • no information security deviations
  • no abuse to shipyard area and to shipyard’s property
  • no exceptional emissions to environment
  • to reduce CO2-emissions

At Helsinki Shipyard we stress that daily safety is everyone’s responsibility. We develop solutions to continuously improve our safety culture.

We promise to encourage our personnel, clients and business partners to continuously do more for the preservation of the environment.

We are certified to the following standards:

  • Quality management standard ISO 9001:2015
  • Occupational health and safety management standard ISO 45001:2018
  • Environmental management standard ISO 14001:2015
  • Our welding work fulfills the requirements of standard ISO3834-2:2021