History of the shipyard



The shipyard ”Helsingfors Skeppsdocka” was established in 1865 in Helsinki.


Hietalahden Sulkutelakka ja Konepaja” started its operation in the shipyard in 1894.


The building of icebreakers started in Helsinki. The first icebreaker Mercator was built.


Wärtsilä became the new owner of the shipyard.


Skandia – the first real car ferry in Finland / from Finland. The ferry was equipped with drive-through car deck first in Finland. Capacity of the drive-through deck – 175 cars and 20 lorries.


Song of Norway – the first real cruise ship.


GTS Finnjet, the worlds first cruise ferry powered by gas turbines was built in Helsinki. At the time of her delivery, she was the fastest, longest and largest car ferry in the world.


The first cruise ship with cabins that were built following the principle AOC – All Outside Cabins was delivered in Helsinki. The ship was named Royal Princess, and all its passengers could enjoy great views. The cabin balconies of this vessel had a modular structure.


Taimyr – Nuclear powered polar icebreaker, the hull of which was built in Helsinki. The nuclear reactors were installed in St. Petersburg.


Masa-Yards was founded in 1989 and the company started its operation in Helsinki shipyard. In 1991 Kvaerner purchased Masa-Yards and Kvaerner Masa-Yards was born. In the nineties tens of luxury cruise ships were built for Carnival. The latest was Carnival Miracle in 2004.


The first Azipod was installed on buoy-laying vessel Seili.


Elation from Carnival Cruise Line’s Fantasy series that was built in Helsinki was the first cruise ship equipped with Azipods. Elation’s sister ship Paradise was also equipped with Azipods. Paradise was also the world’s first cruise ship that was designed to be totally non-smoking.


In Helsinki a cruise ship that was named Costa Atlantica was launched. The vessel was delivered in 2000. Among other things, the vessel was fitted with console balconies.


Kvaerner Masa-Yards merged with Aker Finnyards in 2004 and the company started operating as Aker Finnyards Oy. In 2006 the company changed its name to Aker Yards, and in 2009 the company was sold to STX Europe. In the 21st century Helsinki shipyard has concentrated on building car ferries and icebreaking vessels since the size of the cruise ships became so large that their production was transferred to Turku.


Arctech Helsinki Shipyard Oy was established in December 2010 as STX Finland Oy and Russian United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) signed a joint venture agreement. A week later the Russian maritime shipping company Sovcomflot ordered two multifunctional icebreaking supply vessels from Arctech.


Arctech Helsinki Shipyard delivered the first of the two icebreaking supply vessels for the Russia´s largest shipping company Sovcomflot. The vessel called Vitus Bering was built for Sakhalin-1 Arkutun-Dagi oil and gas field to supply production platform and to protect it from the ice. Sister vessel Aleksey Chirikov was delivered in April 2013.


Arctech Helsinki Shipyard built the first oblique icebreaker in the world. The multipurpose emergency and rescue vessel Baltika can also operate efficiently sideways generating extra wide channel in ice.

Arctech Helsinki Shipyard changed to 100 % Russian ownership as United Shipbuilding Corporation bought the other half of the company shares from STX Finland Oy.

Arctech signed a contract on icebreaking supply vessel and three icebreaking stand-by vessels for Sovcomflot. The vessels were delivered in 2017 – 2018.


Helsinki shipyard celebrated its’ 150th anniversary.

Building of icebreaker Murmansk was finalized in Helsinki.


In September 2016 Arctech delivered new icebreaker Polaris for the Finnish icebreaker fleet. The icebreaker is powered by both diesel and LNG, i.e. liquefied natural gas, which reduces both emissions and fuel costs. The icebreaker is the first LNG-powered icebreaker in the world.


Construction of icebreaking arctic tanker (Arc7) began at the shipyard.


Algador Holdings Ltd. signed a contract with Arctech Helsinki Shipyard for the purchase of Helsinki Shipyard. In this deal 100% of Helsinki Shipyard shares were transferred to Algador Holdings. The deal was completed on May 20. Carl-Gustaf Rotkirch was appointed as the CEO of the new company.

In August the icebreaking arctic tanker Yuriy Kuchiev was delivered at the shipyard.


The keel of Helsinki Shipyard’s first order was laid. The name of the ship was announced to be SH Minerva. The shipyard received an order for a third expedition cruise ship.


Keel laying of another expedition cruise ship at Helsinki Shipyard. The first of the ordered vessels was launched. Naming and handing over of SH Minerva.


SH Vega, another expedition cruise ship ordered from Helsinki Shipyard, was launched.

Helsinki Shipyard delivered SH Vega in July.


The third vessel in the Vega-series SH Diana delivered in March of 2023.

On November 3rd,  2023, Davie announced that it has finalized the acquisition of the assets of Finland’s Helsinki Shipyard. While Helsinki Shipyard remains as a brand name, the legal entity is DNY Finland Oy, which is a Group Davie company.