Helsinki Shipyard

Helsinki Shipyard is centrally located in Hietalahti, Helsinki and the shipyard is specialized in demanding marine technology and shipbuilding. The shipyard has long experience in designing and building passenger- and cruise vessels. We are also known for the icebreakers and for other special vessels for arctic conditions that we have built.

The roots of Helsinki Shipyard date back to year 1865 when Helsingfors Skeppsdocka was established. Vessels have been thus built at the same location for more than 150 years, including over half of the operating icebreakers in the world. We constantly strive to develop new solutions for shipbuilding and to be the forerunner in our field.

Helsinki shipyard

On November 3, 2023, Davie announced that it has finalized the acquisition of the assets of Finland’s Helsinki Shipyard. While Helsinki Shipyard remains as a brand name, the legal entity is DNY Finland Oy, which is a Group Davie company. There are about 400 employees at the shipyard who work mainly in project management and in tasks (jobs) related to designing and building vessels.