Icebreaking vessels

Helsinki Shipyard develops and builds the most advanced products and solutions to match the customers’ business needs.

The shipyard has a long-proven track record in developing unique products in close co-operation with the customers for extreme conditions and special purposes. We are widely acknowledged as the leading provider of ice breaking ships. Typically, our ships are prototypes including implementation of novel technologies.

The vessels built by us have long life cycle and they are made to last. Our reputation as a leading builder of icebreaking vessels has spread fast. When we design a vessel, we always take into consideration the latest requirements and even exceed them. We even take into consideration in advance new statutes and laws coming stricter. Our customers have the possibility to choose the latest environmentally friendly technical solutions for their daily operation.


Markku Kajosaari, SVP Sales
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Icebreaking vessels built in Helsinki

Advanced icebreakers (Polaris, Baltika)

  • NB 510 Polaris, Icebreaker, delivered in 2016 for The Finnish Transport Agency, further handed over to Arctia Oy.
    • Special features – The icebreaker is the first LNG-powered icebreaker in the world.
NB 510 Polaris
  • NB 508 Baltika, Icebreaking emergency and rescue vessel, delivered in 2014 for Russian Ministry of Transport.
    • Special features – This new and unique multipurpose emergency and rescue icebreaker represents a completely new type of ice breaker hull philosophy. The vessel features a patented oblique design with asymmetric hull and three azimuthing propulsors, which allow for a completely new oil spill combat technology and the ship to operate efficiently in ice ahead, astern and sideways. Breaking the ice obliquely enables the ship to break channels for significantly wider ships than a traditional icebreaker of the same size.
NB 508 Baltika

Other ice going vessels (Yuriy Kuchiev, Norilsk Nickel)

  • NB 515 Yuriy Kuchiev, icebreaking arctic tanker, delivered in 2019 to the customer.
    • Special features – The tanker is able to operate independently in the demanding ice conditions and harsh climate of the Northern Sea route. It can independently break almost 2-meter-thick ice. The vessel represents the Finnish innovation of Double Acting Ship, designed to operate bow first in open water and mild ice conditions and stern first in heavy ice conditions.
NB 515 Yuriy Kuchiev
  • NB 505 Norilsk Nickel, Arctic container vessel, delivered in 2006 to MMC Norilsk Nickel.
    • Special features – Norilsk Nickel is the world’s first commercial vessel, which can operate independently year-around in Siberia without ice-breaker assistance.
NB 505 Norilsk Nickel

Sakhalin Series ( Yevgeny Primakov, Fedor Ushakov, Stepan Makarov, Vitus Bering & Aleksey Chirikov)

  • NB 514 Yevgeny Primakov, Icebreaking stand-by vessel, delivered in 2018 to SCF-Group.
    • Special features – anchor handling and readiness to support air diving and ROV operations.
NB 514 Yevgeny Primakov
  • NB 513 Fedor Ushakov, Icebreaking stand-by vessel, delivered in 2017 to SCF-Group.
    • Special features – equipped with the N-type Walk to Work gangway and with moon pool.
NB 513 Fedor Ushakov
  • NB 512 Stepan Makarov, Icebreaking stand-by vessel, delivered in 2017 to SCF-Group.
    • Special features – equipped with the N-type Walk to Work gangway. Stepan Makarov is the first stand-by vessel in the world to use such a gangway for operations in severe ice states and temperatures. The vessel has a reservation for a moon pool.
NB 512 Stepan Makarov
  • NB 511 Gennadiy Nevelskoy, Icebreaking supply vessel, delivered in 2017 to SCF-Group.
    • Special features – The vessel can act as diving support vessel including a moon pool feature.
NB 511 Gennadiy Nevelskoy
  • NB 506 Vitus Bering and NB 507 Aleksey Chirikov, Multifunctional Icebreaking Supply Vessels, delivered in 2012 and 2013 to Sovcomflot Group.
    • Special features – The icebreaking capability of the vessels is extremely high, they are able to operate independently in 1.7-meter-thick ice.
NB 506 Vitus Bering ja NB 507 Aleksey Chirikov
  • NB 504 Fesco Sakhalin, Icebreaking supply / stand-by vessel, delivered in 2005 to Far-Eastern Shipping Company. The vessel was purchased by Sovcomflot and renamed to SCF Sakhalin in 2010.
    • Special features – This vessel was the first one to be built at the shipyard premises without our own steel manufacturing.
NB 504 Fesco Sakhalin