SH Vega, Swan Hellenic’s second expedition cruise ship, is now on the water


Helsinki Shipyard is currently building a series of three vessels for the cruise line Swan Hellenic. Helsinki Shipyard floated out second of three next-generation ships for cultural expedition cruise pioneer.

NB 517 / SH Vega

A series of three ships is being built at Helsinki Shipyard. When vessel number two was floated out, the first in the series, SH Minerva, launched before Midsummer, was already exploring Antarctica. Block production for the third vessel in the series began in June.

The vessels under construction are designed to meet the latest emission standards to minimize their impact on the environment. Main engines are equipped with an exhaust gas cleaning system and with advanced cleaning and storage facilities for wastewater, waste and waste oil required for the operation in sensitive polar areas. The vessels are provided with a space for batteries that can use electric propeller motors to move at low speeds and silently. This makes it possible to proceed in sensitive natural areas with minimal disturbance.

The state-of-the-art Infotainment system offers cruise passengers a personal experience and the opportunity to share experiences in real time. The vessel’s facilities with their expansive views are designed to provide excellent opportunities to view the nature surrounding the vessel. The vessel also has an expedition laboratory and a library for studying marine life. Experienced exploration managers and experts give presentations overlooking the lounge. A key part of the vessel’s program’s offering is boat trips on inflatables to interesting surrounding areas. There are also kayaks, equipment for hiking trips, etc. In addition, the ship has a gym, spa & sauna, a very high standard restaurant, a club room and a swimming pool with pool bars.

“We have now launched newbuilding 517. That figure is pretty much the number of vessels launched at this shipyard over the decades. We are proud to be able to continue the glorious traditions of Helsinki Shipyard with this series of three vessels and to build the shipyard’s wonderful future with our newbuilding projects,” said Jonas Packalén, project manager, Helsinki Shipyard.

The first of the vessels in Vega-series was handed over to its customer on December 3rd, 2021. The second one will be delivered in spring 2022 and the third around at the end of year 2022.