Carl-Gustaf Rotkirch, CEO, Helsinki Shipyard Oy

The year 2020 has been exceptional in every way, and it looks like the exceptional circumstances will continue for some time to come. We have worked remotely and, on the other hand, started full-scale production at the shipyard after a long period of silence.

We have been lucky because to the shipyard the year coming to end, and especially the second half of it, has meant a time of busy work. We have ensured the smooth progress of the NB 516-517 projects – sometimes with challenges – , we have worked with dedication on sales projects, and as a reward for our insistent work we were able to announce a new deal in October.

Next year, we have two goals above all others:

– Delivery of the first new project (SH Minerva) on schedule and on budget

– Confirming new orders

Achieving these goals requires effort from all of us, and above all, faith in ourselves. The results of a recent survey conducted in our company emphasize, among other things, the extensive expertise of our staff, trust in each other and the desire to help each other. To me, this shows our strong will to succeed, and with that will we overcome the challenges of the coming year and ensure the continuity of our operations!

Our operations have also been covered in the media, mainly in a positive tone.

Next year will start with the first block transport of the vessel 517 in January, followed by the Keel Laying of that vessel in February. On vessel 516, we will install the propeller shaft and propeller in January. Most of the vessel’s 518 large purchases will be made by the end of February, and production will begin in the summer. In the autumn, we will hand over SH Minerva to the customer.

Our strategy work has got off to a good start, and at the beginning of next year we are ready to go through it more closely with the entire personnel. Clear means have been defined for our goal of increasing our competitiveness. All in all, our goal next year is also to increase the transparency of our operations for both our employees and decision-makers.

We are involved in the time capsule project of Malmi Primary School. We have recorded our thoughts and feelings about this year and pondered how different life might be in 2078 when the time capsules are opened. How many of us are still seeing and hearing all that….

Thank you all for your efforts during 2020!

I wish you all, your families and all our partners a brighter year 2021!