Our cooperation with Helsinki Metropolia is long-lasting and natural, due to e.g. from Metropolia’s many study options to suit the needs of shipbuilding.

An interesting group work project has been underway at Helsinki Shipyard, with Tommi Heikkilä together with Juuso Jaatinen acting as the shipyard’s leader, and Timo Astikainen, who works part-time at the shipyard and is studying at Metropolia, has been one of the designers. In addition, the working group includes energy technology students Lassi Astala, Miro Korvenaro and Kristofer Lindholm.

The topic of the project is the optimization of the components of the cooling system (pumps and heat exchangers) of the ship’s main engine under the umbrella of energy efficiency. The calculation model created by the group helps to save the ship’s energy consumption and optimize the capacity of the ship’s components, thus bringing potential savings to both the end customer and the shipyard.

The work with the working group got off to a good start in the autumn and the project started to move forward at a fast pace. As the work progresses, good discussions have taken place with the students and new perspectives have been gained, through which the features of the tool have been honed to meet the needs of the yard in the initial system dimensioning to take energy efficiency into account.

As the work is nearing completion, a good foundation has been reached, on which the studies of the topic can be extended to other larger systems as well, and thus better access to energy efficiency improvement targets can be achieved. The cooperation has been exemplary and the project has been a very positive experience for the yard.

Working group comment:

Working with ships was a new and interesting challenge for most of the group members and initially required a lot of familiarity with the operation of the cooling system. Thanks to good guidance, however, the project got off to a good start and progressed in a nice interactive atmosphere. As a student of energy technology, it was rewarding to work on a project that promotes the energy efficiency of ships and brings concrete benefits to the partner company. The project has been rewarding and instructive!