We are happy to tell you that Helsinki Shipyard welcomes Fashion in Helsinki 2024 to our unique dry dock facilities – first time ever! 

The dream of organizing a fashion show at Helsinki Shipyard has already been smoldering for several years in the mind of “Fashion In Helsinki” art director, Minttu Vesala. Normally the shipyard is busy with the production of orders, but this Spring revealed an opening for this exciting co-operation. The huge dry dock hall of the shipyard was selected as the venue of the fashion show. Usually, our dry dock hall is used for hull assembly and outfitting of the vessels that we build.

The catwalk show will be organized along the bottom of the dry dock. The massive metallic sea gate of the dry dock will be the backdrop to this fantastic show at the Baltic Sea.

Helsinki Shipyard is the only industrial employer in the heart of Helsinki, with a long and remarkable history since its establishment in 1865 – a status which is highly valued by Helsinki’s residents. The fact that our seas become frozen, and Finland is surrounded by ice during winter seasons is only one reason why the shipyard was established nearly 160 years ago.

We have built over 100 icebreakers and ice-breaking vessels in Helsinki – in fact, we have built over half of the global icebreaker fleet. We are also a leader in the design and construction of high-end passenger and cruise vessels. In total, approximately 518 vessels have been delivered from its pier since the yard’s establishment.

The shipyard’s central location in the capital of Finland comes with strict environmental requirements. We have officially been granted an environmental permit for our operation, which is a major point of pride for the shipyard.

We comply with the VOC emissions limits defined in our environmental permit. We participate in monitoring the sea and its micro-organisms, invest in energy efficiency, and sort our waste. In order to decrease emissions of sea marine traffic, we cooperate with our customers to minimize the emissions of the vessels designed and constructed by us.

Since last November Helsinki Shipyard has been part of the Trans-Atlantic Arctic powerhouse Group Davie.