Already the third expedition cruise ship of the Vega series at Helsinki Shipyard is preparing to leave for sea trials. SH Diana is longer than its cousins and therefore also has a larger accommodation capacity. NB518 – SH Diana’s sea trial is planned for week 11.

In connection with sea trials and the safety of the ship, we will test the alarm sound of NB518 – SH Diana on Wednesday 08.03. The alarm sound test of the ship under construction will be performed at 18:00 – 20:00. The alarm sound will be heard in the vicinity of the shipyard. Below is a map of the location of the shipyard and the ship. The address of the shipyard is Laivakatu 1, 00150 Helsinki.

After the signing of the shipbuilding contract, the vessel’s journey is marked by many important steps leading to the delivery of the newbuilding. Many of these steps are defined in the shipbuilding contract and are called main milestones.

One of the milestones of the ship project is the sea trials. The purpose of the sea trials is, among other things, to make sure that the built ship corresponds to the shipbuilding contract and the contract specifications made with the customer. The ship must meet international criteria that are inspected and approved by the classification society.

Commissioning and tests that have already started in the dry dock and outfitting quay will continue with sea trials. Commissioning refers to the commissioning and inspection of the ship’s technical systems, areas and functions.

An important step before the sea trial is the sea trial reviews. They are held weekly months before the sea trials.

In the sea trial review, it is checked that the ship is ready to go to sea in all respects. The purpose of the sea trial review is to ensure the seaworthiness of the ship and the safety of the sea trial crew at sea.

We wish SH Diana and its sea trial crew successful sea trials and safe sailing!