Corona instructions for the shipyard’s subcontractors and suppliers

Checked 11.08.2022

From abroad to the shipyard


There are no more any restrictions on the border due to COVID-19 and entering the country is free.

Visiting and working at Helsinki Shipyard

Entering Helsinki Shipyard for working purposes is now possible without showing any COVID-19 test result or vaccination certificate.

Hygiene instructions at the shipyard

  • Take care of good hand hygiene by cleaning hands regularly with soap and disinfecting them often during the workday and always when entering the locker and break rooms etc.
  • Follow cleanliness in the break rooms, rest rooms etc.
  • Follow the shipyard’s restrictions in the elevators and in the spaces with limitations for number of people.

Face masks at Helsinki Shipyard

So far there are no recommendations even on the mask use.

In case of falling ill

  • A sick person cannot enter the shipyard.
  • In case you have any COVID-19 -like symptoms we recommend testing for COVID-19. If the result is positive, stay at home / accommodation, until there are no symptoms for 2 days and from the beginning of the symptoms went at least 5 days.

Visitors at the shipyard

Meetings and visits at the shipyard are allowed since 7.3.2022. Visitors can participate in meetings in all meeting facilities, but unnecessary wandering and hanging around in corridors or work spaces shall be avoided.