Neighbors may have already noticed that during the winter the construction of the ship, which was transferred to the outfitting pier at the beginning of the year, has already progressed well.

Commissioning and finishing works on the ship are still ongoing. Recently, our painting foreman said that the painter is the last to leave the ship.

We are currently feverishly preparing the ship for the sea trials and work is being done almost around the clock. The start of the sea trials is planned for week 19.

In connection with the sea trials and the safety of the vessel, we will test the NB517 – SH Vega alarm sound today, Thursday from 7 pm to 8 pm. The alarm will sound in the vicinity of the yard. At the bottom of the article you will find a map of the location of the shipyard and the ship.

Sea trials is one of the important stages in shipbuilding, when it is finally ensured that the built ship meets the customer’s expectations and also meets the international criteria, which are inspected and approved by the classification society.

Commissioning that continues at the sea trials have already begun in the launch phase. Commissioning means the commissioning of a ship’s technical systems, such as generators, transformers, fire alarm systems, boiler systems and lighting systems. After successful commissioning, the ship is ready for delivery.

During the construction phase of the ship, when the ship’s own machines are not yet running and generating electricity, the ship is supplied with electricity from a shore connection. This shore connection (60 Hz) is generated by a diesel unit installed on our pier. We get electricity from the aggregate e.g. for air conditioning, watertight doors and engines in the engine room. This temporary solution will be in place until the ship’s own machines generate electricity.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We strive to mute the noise of the aggregate and steer its direction so as not to disturb our neighbors.