Helsinki Shipyard Oy celebrates today its second birthday


Helsinki Shipyard Oy celebrates today on May 20th its second birthday. The last two years have been busy at the shipyard. Very soon after getting its new ownership the shipyard received its first order of two expedition cruise ships and in the Autumn of 2020 one more ship order was inked.

Carl-Gustaf Rotkirch was appointed as the first CEO of the new shipyard company, and he piloted the shipyard to its new way to go. Within the last two years the shipyard achieved its short-term targets to 1) Build the organization 2) Re-start the operations 3) Stabilize the financial situation. In February 2021 Rotkirch moved to the position as board member with responsibility for overlooking the development and maintaining of the stakeholder relations.

Esko Karvonen, former Helsinki Shipyard COO, was appointed new CEO of the shipyard from February 1. Today Esko Karvonen has served one hundred days in his new role, very much hands-on, so now is a good time to have a look at what is accomplished and which the future plans for the shipyard are.

The first of the three expedition cruise vessels will be launched in June and the third one will celebrate the start of steel cutting quite soon. The second vessel is being built in parallel with the first one, so the task is clear – to build and deliver the orders as we promised to our customer. The global pandemic does not make this task easy, although Helsinki Shipyard has managed well with the pandemic so far thanks to effective measures put in place promptly from the start and updated constantly.

The shipyard has put a lot of effort into its new strategy to be a competitive and wanted partner for our customers and other stakeholders, and to be the most attractive employer. We are focusing on streamlining the processes and increasing the productivity and developing smart logistics solutions.

Our competences in demanding ship building projects are well known and we will boost this even more by allocating resources to R&D activities. Our R&D projects for light weight and energy efficiency will ensure we will have the solutions for the ships of the future. All these issues are on a good path now and moving forward. We will be a system integrator and have a central position in the value chain!

The shipyard focuses on its three core business segments – icebreakers, cruise ships and super yachts, keeping in mind the sustainability and social responsibility while growing and building the future.

One important thing is the shipyard’s financial situation which has improved during last two years. From a minor profit in 2019, the year 2020 already shows a positive result and year 2021 is expected to be even better.

Join us in celebrating our two years and many years to come!

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