Helsinki Shipyard on track – the keel of the third luxury expedition cruise ship was laid at the shipyard and the vessel was named SH Diana


The keel of NB 518 was laid in accordance with the seafaring traditions. NB 518 is the third of three Vega-class vessels for Swan Hellenic.

NB 518 Keel Laying Ceremony

The keel was laid with outfitted grand block 305 that arrived at the shipyard during week 50 in 2021 among several blocks for the newbuild onboard the carrier vessel M/S Meri. In the keel laying ceremony were present the representatives of Swan Hellenic and classification society, as well the project and shipyard management.

Block delivery

Building of the newbuilding 518 is proceeding smoothly. More than half of the block deliveries arrived already from the block supplier and the rest of the blocks will arrive during April-May. The four main engines have already been lifted onto the ship hull as well as the two fin stabilizers.

The Vega-series’ vessels being built at Helsinki shipyard represent the next generation of polar expedition vessels, and once delivered they will sail worldwide with a strong focus on high-latitude areas.

The vessels feature a 4,6, MW diesel-electric hybrid propulsion system with selective catalytic reduction and a 3-megawatt max. battery package. Gross tonnage of the two first vessels is 10 500 ton, and they have PC5 ice-strengthened hull. The third one, being slightly bigger than her sisters, gross tonnage is 12 100 ton and have PC6 ice-strengthened hull.

Ship Main Engines

The first of the vessels, SH Minerva, was delivered in December 2021 to Swan Hellenics use and the delivery of the second one will be in the Spring 2022. The third vessel NB 518 will be delivered to the client in the beginning of year 2023.

“Newbuilding NB 518 is designed for extreme weather conditions, from the heavy ice of the polar regions to the heat and humidity of the tropics, respecting the sensitive ecosystems of the rare and extraordinary regions she will explore”, commented the Project Manager of NB 518 Nicklas Forsström.

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