Helsinki Shipyard is still not giving in to corona


Mural taking shape on the wall of the outfitting terminal of Helsinki Shipyard

Street art at Helsinki Shipyard

In honor of our birthday on May 20, we have decided to bring good luck to the city’s people and all our stakeholders in the midst of this corona misery and hereby solemnly announce that this week an exciting project has begun on the shore of Hietalahti bay.

A mural has been started to be painted on the city-side end (north end) of our shipyard’s office building / outfitting terminal. To our delight, the City of Helsinki also welcomed our project when we applied for a permission.

We have chosen an experienced and renowned Finnish artist, Jukka Hakanen, as the mural painter. We have been eagerly waiting for Jukka’s first “brush” pull, and look forward to seeing the job finished! The painting project lasts for about a week. Do follow the completion of the work from the opposite shore!

The shipyard’s panoramic camera captures Helsinki

To celebrate our one-year operation, we also want to offer city’s people and other stakeholders a glimpse into Hietalahti’s and the city’s events and, for example, selected tourist attractions. For this purpose, a Panomax 360 panoramic camera will be installed on the beak of one of our cranes within a week, the image of which can be followed via a link on our website. You can visit to see what is  happening on the shores of Hietalahti and which vessels are moving in the bay…

Helsinki Shipyard Oy wishes everyone a safe summer!

Additional information:

Carl-Gustaf Rotkirch, CEO, Helsinki Shipyard Oy, tel. +358 10 622 2600

Helsinki Shipyard Oy is located in the capital of Finland and specializes in shipbuilding technology and building of special vessels for demanding conditions and routes. The shipyard has a long tradition and unmatched expertise in designing and building of icebreakers and other high ice-class vessels for operations in cold environment. In addition to the arctic know-how, our specialization covers also passenger ferries and cruise ships.