Corona instructions for the shipyard’s contractors and suppliers

5.11.2020 & update 18.2.2021

Arrival to the shipyard

Arrival to the shipyard requires an invitation and there shall be a reason for entering Finland (TEM: Necessity of employee entering the country).

Take care of this issue with the shipyard’s contact person not later than 3 weekdays before planned date of traveling.

Persons being abroad (not a country on green list) during last two weeks and entering Finland for more than 72 hours

  • For those arriving from a country with more than 25 / 100 000 incidence: a negative coronavirus test certificate (taken in the country of origin max. 72 hours prior to arrival) + 72 h voluntary quarantine and a negative coronavirus test result (tested in Finland) or
  • A 14 day quarantine (in Finland) or
  • A certificate indicating passed COVID-19 disease during last 6 months (to be shown at the gate)

Additional information on testing available from the shipyard’s contact person.

Persons being abroad (not a country on green list) during last two weeks and entering Finland for less than 72 hours

  • A negative test certificate (to be presented to the shipyard’s contact person and at the main gate prior entering the shipyard territory
  • A certificate indicating passed COVID-19 disease during last 6 months (to be presented prior to arrival to the shipyard and at the gate)

Current country specific restrictions for border crossing with latest updates available on:

A map with country specific traffic lights:

These instructions concern both, Finnish and foreign citizens, as well traveling for both, working and leisure.

Download Koronavilkku mobile app ( for all the phones with Finnish SIM. Koronavilkku is an contact tracing app to help you find out whether you may have been exposed to coronavirus or, if you are diagnosed as infected, you can use the app to share this information anonymously with those you have been in close contact with.   

Working at Helsinki Shipyard

Helsinki Shipyard follows the recommendations of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) and Government regulations and updates the instructions according to the changing situation.

Our target is to ensure safe work for everyone.

Hygiene instructions at the shipyard

  • Take care of good hand hygiene by cleaning hands regularly with soap and disinfecting them often during the workday and always when entering the locker and break rooms etc.
  • Use safe distancing also during the breaks. If not possible to keep safe distancing, arrange break times in shifts.
  • Follow cleanliness in the break rooms, rest rooms etc.
  • Follow the shipyard’s restrictions in the elevators and in the spaces with people amount limitations.

Face masks are compulsory at Helsinki Shipyard

At Helsinki Shipyard wearing face masks is made compulsory.

The masks shall be used always when it is possible from the work safety point of view.

Every company shall provide face masks for its own staff and ensure that the masks are used.

In case of falling ill

  • A sick person cannot enter the shipyard. Make sure he/she is not exposing others even outside of the shipyard territory (public transport, accommodation etc.)
  • A sick person stays at home or transfers to home / accommodation and follows the isolation protocol.
  • The person with symptoms shall get tested for COVID-19 as soon as possible.
  • The contractor’s supervisor shall inform shipyard’s contact person.
  • In case of COVID-19 the instructions from health care shall be followed strictly.
  • Quarantine and isolation until the symptoms disappear or according to the instructions given by the health care personnel.

Visitors at the shipyard

All meetings and visits at the shipyard shall be agreed separately with the shipyard contact person.

Regarding any visits keep in mind the traveling limitations!

Let’s keep the gang healthy and the possibility to work at shipyard remaining by each following these common rules!